The storage market

By far the largest market for thermal storage is the classical production of heating and hot water. In 2006, nearly 40 million hot water storage devices have been sold worldwide, representing a value of over 6 billion euros.

Although this market is large, it is also very diverse. Different European regions have different traditions, market structures, end-user characteristics, building regulations, etc.. In Europe, over 350 brands exist, which are all mainly distributed locally.

In comparison, the storage market for renewable heating and cooling is relatively small: in 2006, worldwide turnover for renewable heating and cooling systems was around 3.4 billion euros; storage makes up only a fraction of this.

So far, the strong growth of the renewable market has led to strong consolidations: almost all large manufacturers of heating components now have a renewable division.

The most important renewable application for storage is solar heating and cooling, where storage is used to bridge the time between supply (day/summer) and demand (night/winter). Besides this, storage also has an important role in biomass, cogeneration, heat pumps, geothermal, and district heating.

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