Policy & support

Although heat storage technologies are often a prerequisite for rational use of energy and a breakthrough of renewable energy utilisation, support and policies are dispersed and out of focus.

In most programs and policies heat storage is treated as a technology supplementary to the main energy application, and the advantage of heat storage is often disregarded. Furthermore, the benefit of exchange of knowledge and experience between different heat storage applications is lost.

Contrary to this situation, a focused effort on heat storages within R&D and support programs as well as policies to promote efficient use of energy and new energy technologies, is advantageous to a large number of energy applications.

PREHEAT has provided an overview of

  • national and EU support programs relevant for heat storages,
  • national and EU policies relevant for heat storages,
  • national and EU regulations relevant for heat storages, and
  • other decision making processes relevant for beneficial use of heat storage or barriers for beneficial use of heat storages.

On the basis of the above, a number of means and strategies for policy reinforcement have been recommended.

This information is available in the following two reports: